The Sanctuary

For the last 15 years, the Harrogate Sanctuary has been totally gender specific, offering bespoke treatment to women through our Six Week Programme, which was founded by us and as time has gone by we have seen hundreds of women, who have been liberated from the despair and cage that habitual drinking has led them too, leaving them feeling so isolated and often frustrated as to why this should happen to them. We have shown, that they are no means alone, and the success rate with this very non disruptive method, which is unique, has given 86% of my clients liberation and choice.​

Family Matters

We also now have programmes to cater both women and couples along with their children, who feel that they would benefit from reducing harms from their drinking. This will suit those who know they are drinking too much but are not dependent, simply fallen into a habit. There is not a regimented routine as there has to be with the Six Week Programme, but appointments online when you feel you need support and advice. This could potentially lead to becoming Alcohol Free, but my methods are always client led, the decision is yours. There are more details on the new page if you click the title in the menu bar above.

To completely  respect privacy of our clients prefer to remain a very personal service, and therefore do not book appointments or take messages from Facebook or other social media platforms. Nor do we hold any group meetings virtually.

The way the Sanctuary works is to offer for the first time with this particular problem, intensive yet sensitive tailored care.

Anyone who misuses alcohol and has tried to seek help, usually will find that they have to be subject to at least one box ticking exercise, and Audit. This will be difficult and often give the ‘patient’ a feeling of great shame. After going through this standard test, counselling perhaps will be offered, or AA suggested.

I recognized long ago, that there was need for not only gender specific care, at the very least, but more importantly individual care, without the blanket coverage given currently by mainstream agencies.

At the Sanctuary, Technology is used in its best form for this treatment. Although I prefer to meet my clients at least once, for international clients Zoom or Skype are brilliant, and from thereon-in, we can use modern methods to address an old age problem that now has been completely normalised and very cleverly marketed by the Alcohol industry. Our method is gentle, convenient and more importantly it works. Good cognitive therapy has to be a two way street, without rules, we are all so different. As much as peer support can be helpful and useful, expertise is vital to know which buttons need to be pressed to have a long term release from the chaos that drinking too much can bring. This treatment lasts a minimum of six weeks, with daily contact, and access to my service. There are no boundaries, and ultimately there is total liberation from a well marketed drug that has left so many of us in deep despair.

Controlled Drinking

Drinking in social situations can be fine once you have the control back, and potentially achievable given the right attitude along with the stage you are at with drinking, as I have always said one size does not fit all. I have never wanted to stop anyone having fun, but using wine mainly, as some sort of reward on a daily basis rarely is that.  At home and often alone, it is a form of self-medication, and the longer it goes on the more justification and excuses are found to carry on. It is not a weakness on your part more of a con trick by Big Alcohol and a habit.​

There are many women and couples out there that do enjoy social drinking, and these individual appointments online are  for their benefit, giving them the ability to stick to drinking moderately for pleasure and not pain. I have had many years of experience giving therapy for alcohol dependence, and will continue to do so, but also have seen clients who were not hooked on alcohol but had found themselves falling into a routine of using wine primarily because the first drink does give a buzz, seems like a relaxant after busy days and realising that after three or four, it had become the opposite of that. They tend to drink far more behind closed doors than they ever would out with friends or at events, and I have formulated a tool box to make this possible for those of you who are concerned that your drinking starting to be a problem.

My Six Week Programme does advocate an Alcohol Free lifestyle, but I know there is a gap for those of you who would prefer to socialise with a couple of glasses of wine. Given the current situation with the Coronavirus staying at home, self isolating may mean that you are not currently going out as much as usual, but there is no reason to operate control within the home, and set goals of how use alcohol. It is important to have accountability, and to be able to have encouragement and a plan rather than trying to go it alone. It can be possible given the right support for those of you who are not in a vice like grip with alcohol. It starts and ends with your decision making and as ever with my work this is client led, you decide, and enable the type of lifestyle you want.​

For me, I know that I cannot moderate, but even so, I do believe that if there is a chance of people cutting down the amount they drink it is a step in the right direction, and may well lead to those who have therapy to control their drinking, that some may decide to stop altogether. The aim of this is not to judge, but to help with having a much healthier approach to what could become a very disruptive, the ripple effect of on families, work and friends making for a very frightening future.

This is quite retro, back in my parents days, I am of the baby boomer generation, there was never every day at home drinking, wine was only drunk at parties or over special occasional dinners, with much excitement by the hosts about the type of wine it was and taste.​

There is no need to attend group meetings, or even leave your home. I do intend to give an opportunity to like-minded women and couples share their stories with each other if they wish, via technology. We are all tribal and this would be almost like a match making exercise.​

I have no intention of having a random chatroom or website, there is a great deal of trolling and unkindness often within these places. My work has always been extremely private, and I understand that blanket coverage of this issue rarely is successful, we are all so unique.​

You can choose how many sessions with me you prefer, and when. The first consultation is always free, and gives me the opportunity to ascertain whether this approach would be suitable for you and yours.

If you would like to learn more please contact me.