As complex as my problems were, Sarah managed to hit on key issues, with such precision that she immediately made me see that I was neither a failure nor powerless, and I thought these points were absolutely vital and so well made over the 42 days that I worked with her, along with the unrelenting support, I now feel confident enough to share.

The insanity of 2hrs of self-abuse, the utterly pointless pre and post hours, the poisoning effects…

Understanding learned behaviour, image manipulation of booze, the illusion. Making sense of the way you think in a scientific creative way, which can lead to overthinking, over complicating, too clever for your own good.

Getting the KISS approach to life once you have stopped being annoyed and irritated by its simplicity. The impulse button is disabled with firmly embedded truths of consequences focusing on the despair that certainly would follow. “That look” anyone’s face….makes you shudder, and remember you are doing the right thing for YOU.

You can’t predict the future and don’t need to. Being grown up does not mean old, there is a long middle first. Spend more time writing than thinking. You may have deleted a few memory banks but the motherboard is undergoing a massive self-repair. The brain scans were such a relief and repainted exciting possibilities. I can feel the trickle of new neural pathways. I know the old ones aren’t going away but withering. That’s ok.

I was in the grip of a life threatening chronically progressive habit that I had become allergic to, recognising that I was no longer young enough to tolerate it. I was older not old, it was age related. It was something I was concerned about but having dealt with it, it wasn’t as bad as those 3 months of dry rot.

Thanks Sarah, it’s been life changing

Anonymous, London

On the final day of my six weeks of working with you, six weeks of being alcohol free, I spent my 50th birthday having the most wonderful time, laughing, chatting and enjoying myself as much as – no that’s not quite true – more than, I have done in years. Because on my 50th birthday I knew, for the first time in over 30 years, that I no longer wanted or needed alcohol to feel truly happy.

After spending over half my life depending daily on ever larger quantities of wine to get me through almost every aspect of my life, I never thought in a million years that I’d ever be able to achieve such a feat. I am so immensely grateful to you for helping me get there, every single step of the way. From the first, faltering, frightened, doubt-filled days, to today, a new alcohol free me, in control of my actions, decisions and thoughts.

No more desperate worries about my life spiralling out of control, bleak hopelessness and deep self-hatred, instead a huge sense of energy, pride, self-worth, and optimism for my future, as a mother, a friend, a colleague and a person. I am no longer just existing, I am living again.You have been an inspiration and a rock, and I hope that I will carry with me the strength and the clear-sightedness that you have given me for the rest of my life.

All of those wonderful things that I now see that alcohol took away from me, you have helped me regain.Your insights, deep understanding, knowledge, advice, empathy and support have buoyed me through the tough times, and have encouraged and inspired me to believe in myself, forgive myself, and like myself again, for the first time in many long years.

You have given me my life back, Sarah, and the pride and positivity that I feel is immeasurable.

You are a remarkable and wonderful person, and I feel so immensely lucky that I’ve had the incredible good luck to have had your presence in my life.You have my deepest gratitude always.

Anonymous, USA

 There is nothing else like the Sanctuary. Over the years I tried the lot. Rehab, at massive financial cost,  hypnotherapy, that was very short term, addictions counsellors who were always on the clock, and I was desperate to break my habit of wine drinking on a daily basis.

Anonymous, Sydney

Sarah is skilful and truly does care. Now having my wellness back is completely outstanding. I owe her so much, and if anyone doubts the effectiveness of her treatment I would be more than happy to speak to them.

Helen, London

After years, 25 to be precise, of trying to find my way out of the grip of alcohol, I found Sarah and the Sanctuary. No-one does it better, she is simply the best.

Anna, New York

Sarah offers a long term solution, not a quick temporary fix. From over a bottle of wine a night for 15 years, I am now a non drinker

Claire, UK.

Sarah provides exceptional treatment & service, this is about so much more than drinking too much”

Anne T, London