About Sarah

I am a non drinker. To achieve this, was one of the most difficult  journeys of my life. I had long periods of being sober, and was deluded enough to believe that I could be a moderate drinker. For some it is achievable, but not for me. So after falling off the wagon a couple of times, the last time when I truly thought that I was going to die, I surrendered. I knew that the help out there was not for me, I needed empathy not rules. Support and a deep understanding. I now give that to women and dear ones, the results are remarkable. 

I see that as women we are constantly stigmatized, and although the Ladette culture seems de rigueur for younger girls, we, the more mature although once party animals, are not deeply attractive when bleary eyed and incapable. I often wondered whether my child would remember me as I tucked him at night for the Pinot perfume rather than my White Linen. Thankfully, I found my answer, after a long and excruciating  road. I tried to get help, and failed with every mainstream option. All were a revolving door to me.  So I studied hard, and found the logical options that I needed, without giving myself to a higher power, I had the power, I just need to flip the switch. I became a personal trainer to women for liberation from alcohol dependence. Currently 86% of my clients are non drinkers.

Even if you suspect that you are just a heavy drinker without the addiction, we still can help with the moderation. Our service is unique and bespoke,  much emphasis is put on the young abusers, but we are supposed to be over our madness, sadly, whether through learned behaviour or just circumstances we are fallible and our child within is screaming for help. We need a safe haven too. The Sanctuary provides this. I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Addictions Counsellor and hold an Enhanced CRB check.