Mission Accomplished

I am Rosemary, now a whole, healthy and honest woman. It has taken me over 30 years to be able to say that. There were some good times, and I shall treasure those, but from my late thirties to my now organised and safe fifties, there have been some very dark and frightening times. Wine most certainly was the biggest driver of the majority of them, or at least the way I handled situations, but becoming dependent on it, was an outcome of so much more. Over those years, I did try to stop, initially by going down the obvious routes, then there was advent of online resources, think I joined virtually every website that offered help for women especially to quit booze, but I could never get committed to these, call it sceptism or perhaps age, I liked to see my mentors, or at least have some one to one contact. Eventually I found Harrogate Sanctuary. It took me a great deal of time to pick up the phone, and gather some advice. Along with many others, I had read Sarah’s book, and her journey to being engulfed by alcohol, resonated with me so much. But seeing was believing, she is exactly what it says on the tin. There is no flannel, or claims that once you stop drinking life becomes a bowl of cherries. She tackles the background to the heavy drinking, is never on the clock, and of course her Six Week Programme is unique. From being thoroughly disappointed with various paid services, I joined five in total before HS, all who were completely scripted offering blanket coverage except for changing the name, often trying to get you to sign up to various websites, buy merchandise from linked websites, at last I had found the real deal. Now I am well, I was never told I couldn’t drink, but Sarah was like a brain cleaner, she helped me put my chaotic thinking into order. She gave me tools to cope properly without seeing alcohol as the answer. The Six Week Programme was intense, but in a good way, and I feel that it was my decision to stop, for now, as Sarah says, never say never, it has given me such control and acceptance. If you are looking to make changes, face the fear, you will not be disappointed, Sarah’s method is original, not frills or promises, and would recommend it, and shall be doing, without a moments hesitation.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.