Anne’s Testimonial

Sarah provides exceptional treatment & service, this is about so much more than drinking too much. My lifestyle has changed dramatically, and there was no guilt or shame that I had experienced from other methods. I was never powerless, quite the opposite, I simply didn’t have any real value on myself, and put way too much emphasis on what others felt or thought. My wellbeing seemed to depend on them.

Now I am resilient, self motivated and resourceful, have also disconnected with most of my social media, it was too toxic for me, comparisons abounded, and that was not healthy.

Sarah has also made me look at my Company, and how I can improve productivity within my work force, which has not only been affected by my drinking, but also by their own. There will not be a hidden agenda with this subject again, all other mental health issues are encouraged to be talked about, alcohol dependence is now on that list.

Superb programmes that suit all demographics.

Harrogate Sanctuary is authentic and original, Sarah is individual and remarkably perceptive.