Catherine-How Sarah Unravelled My Alcohol Dependence

Sarah has been the only therapist I have seen, and I have seen quite a few over the years of my drinking, 41 to be precise, that has not only given me a range of tools to stop drinking, I have not given it up I have STOPPED, she is firm with that vocab, but rearranged my view of life, both past and present.

There was so much to unravel, I had hidden so much with I thought skill and lots of bravado, under the reinforced thin skin that I did have, the complete tangle of negative emotions and unspent good ones too have been reset and arranged in a way that I can cope with, with no reliance on my old go to and absolute habit with wine.

I had read self help books, tried to keep up with online forums, found groups anonymously, addiction counsellors, but never trusted anyone enough to give them the whole truth, or respect to be accountable.

It wasn’t six weeks to sober for me, I stayed with Sarah for three months, and still keep in touch weekly. Stopping drinking was an outcome of so much more detritus I had inside. Sober means so much more than not drinking, it means being level, balanced and contented.

There is insight and depth  with Harrogate  Sanctuary, and the work covers so much more than alcohol.

So many thanks to you Sarah, and thank goodness I was lucky enough to be recommended to you.