Treating the Symptoms


The Sanctuary has always and will remain progressive in any kind of therapy that can either eliminate or control the use of alcohol, those who know me understand that I am passionate about dragging treatment out of the dark ages and into a far more modern, effective and successful outcome, without my clients feeling as if they are weak and somehow doomed to a life time of fighting a seemingly losing battle.

To that end, we created last year an App, Alcohol Free Friend, for those who feel they don’t want or have time to interact one to one, which has proved very popular, most especially in America. The money made from this App has been put towards our Alcohol Free Foundation, so that we will be able to help more people, who are finding themselves in position to realise they need some support but are not in a position to afford the bespoke and intensive therapy that The Six Week Programme involves.

By pure serendipity, we are now moving forward with a very exciting approach to any kind of behaviour that has or had led us to what can become a lifetime of despair, not just for the user, but their families.

It is Brain Mapping. Discovering scientifically, without drugs or invasive procedures, for us all to be diagnosed and gently treated for various mental health disorders, including, anxiety, depression, insomnia and misuse of alcohol. For many of us me included, I assumed the only way I could ‘fix’ my major problem, worry and anxiety, was to either take prescriptive drugs, or self prescribe with alcohol.

Brain mapping has been around for some time, for example helping top athletes reach their peak performance, and in the field of space flight. But this is available to US, the general public, and appears to have been one of those wonderful treatments that because big Pharma have no involvement, has been a very well kept secret! Well not anymore, the Sanctuary is determined to make this a very integral part of our therapy, as the results are totally stellar.

I shall be updating on this development as I learn more, and have no doubt this will change the way we treat this form of self harm, and breakthrough the barriers of being stigmatised and ashamed of an outcome of very often a true mental health problem that can be reversed or managed.



Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.