Dee’s Blog

After drinking far to much for far to long I finally plucked up the courage to ring Sarah at the Harrogate Sanctuary. At this point in my life alcohol had seeped into most areas of my life and was having a  very negative impact on most things I was doing. The one thing ( alcohol )I had turned to for help and confidence was  robbing me of my confidence and who I actually am.
From the first time I met Sarah I felt safe ,that I could be totally honest , and her none judgmental attitude helped me begin to heal. Sarah has a very no nonsense ,kind and caring  ,down to earth approach. She had total faith in me and this gave me the courage to begin to have faith in myself. This is exactly what I needed and I can’t thank her enough. Sarah has helped to realise  me from the prison I had put myself in. She made me realise I’d never needed a drink in the first place but had been fooled into believing I did.
Since the beginning of last December I’ve not felt like or needed a drink. I’ve just become who I always should have been. I have a clear head and feel massively better both physically and emotionally. Life isn’t without its problems but at least I’m dealing with issues in an honest  sober way.
Once again a massive Thank you Sarah

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.