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I used to believe I was a happy drinker and then life threw a series of hard knocks and the happy drinking turned to a coping mechanism, which eventually led to a growing dependency.

I knew my increasing consumption had to be doing damage, and the fact I functioned, really meant my tolerance levels were dangerously high.

I googled various sites, but I didn’t want to share my intimate life story in groups, and I did not want to go into rehab to return to the same situation and triggers. I then came across Sarah at the Sanctuary, and for me it has been a sanctuary. I walked through her door a physically and spiritually depleted human being. Sarah didn’t just listen, she comprehended how the complexities of alcohol can can weave their way into your life, and extracting yourself can be a difficult experience. She is empathetic, wise but tough. She has heard all the excuses before and the truth is every drinker knows the outcome of each and every one of those excuses.

It was not an easy journey, but with each hurdle Sarah would work through it with me, and the hurdles became manageable, until eventually the old habits faded and new ones emerged. This transition has been one of the most liberating. I like to think of it as; the joy of the new.

I have not had a drink for over five months and I am still dealing with some very emotional situations, but I am dealing with them with integrity, honesty and clarity.

When do I miss a drink? When I’m doing anything financial. The new reward is a carb fest, so thank goodness it’s only once a month! Yes, your humour returns.

I now believe I was rarely a happy drinker. Many drinkers come to crossroads, thank goodness when I did, I pressed the right site on Google.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.