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Dear King Alcohol

It gives me great pleasure to finally wave you goodbye. I usually don’t like endings but I could not let this one pass without saying a few words…. You have been an utter nuisance and latterly a nightmare in my life. Never have I met anyone so cunning and devious. I cannot deny that you are powerful oh yes very powerful in fact I would say you are a bully.

I have struggled to be rid of you for some time now. It was only thirteen months ago that I finally realised I was beaten by you. On my son’s wedding day you took over and made a real fool of me and I woke up in tatters the next morning. I thought I was beaten and that my life was over. Indeed I thought I could not survive without you yet I knew you were making me miserable and ruining my life.

You came into my life at quite a young age. As a small girl I remember you causing heartache when you controlled my Dad and then my parents fell out. My Mother already hated you because of what you did to her Father and her brothers. I always knew you were trouble yet when you tempted me again and again I followed the dangerous path leading straight into your arms.

Initially you gave me confidence and I was able to mix better with others because my shyness and naivety held me back from doing what many others did. Then came the fun at parties and you were introduced to me as a relaxant before the parties and I thought you were the bees knees. It seemed my problems were over because I had found you and allegedly you were the answer to all my dreams.

As the years progressed we got to know each other a lot better and we were often inseparable. I never wanted anyone else to have more of you than myself, I got jealous and very edgy of others. You caused rows between my husband and me and some of these were ferocious. I would wake up in the morning full of guilt, shame and regret. I hated myself and my self esteem was less than that of a church mouse. The only way I could move on was to join in with you again because I believed you loved me.

The last thirteen months have been quite eye opening and I finally realised the truth about you. It will be devastating for you to learn that I have now met Sarah Turner and she has taught me all about you. Crikey you are a total bastard and you will go to any lengths to get your own way. You have told me more lies than I could believe possible but de throned King Alcohol the truth is out. Sarah knows all about you and she is passing the message around big style I can tell you so beware. There is a Sober Revolution and women and their families are not taking your nonsense anymore.

So it’s goodbye from me nasty King Alcohol and good riddance and I will do my utmost to ensure as many people as I can find out the whole truth about your nonsense and lies. I realise that we will bump into each other often but I shan’t be speaking to you or having any physical contact with you in fact I shall snigger and smile because I now know the truth.
Onwards and upwards in your absence
Unkind regards

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.