I was one of the very fortunate practitioners who managed to attend the talk Sarah gave over here in Gulf Shores last week.

I had been recommened to go by three of my patients, who had all used The Sanctuary’s Six Week Programme to kick their alcohol habit. With hearing of the the first success, I was of course pleased, but skeptical, and then, another lady who had been so very depressed and prescribed anti depressants, by me, came to the centre looking so well, to tell me that she no longer wanted to be on the meds. As I explained to her, it could lead to side effects just stopping, but she was so confident and honest, for the first time about how much she had been drinking and Sarah had given her great advice, never patronised her, did ask her to read many very interesting articles regarding alcohol and depression that she was starting to open my eyes, and I have been a doctor for over 25 years! These were not the old fashioned straight lined methods at all, more unique and suitable and seemingly, when the third patient told me of her successful outcome, I just had to go.

What an eye opener. This very small seemingly quiet and shy English woman was so incredibly powerful and compassionate in her approach and manner, all of us in the room became transfixed. Usually I do get a bit bored with these types of conferences, the same old, same old, but not with this method and way forward.

Not only is she seemingly ageless, almost able to morph from wise and serious, to crazy and in a very funny young hearted way just got through to us all. Along with coming up with the new App, which I am recommending to all my contempories to use in helping their patients, with a non judgemental approach, and not just for women, I was blown away.

Feel so blessed that firstly I went, and secondly to meet someone who having gone through so much tragedy on a personal front, can find that silver lining, see a light, it was remarkable, constantly playing it forward.

Thank you Sarah, and I sincerely hope that you grace our Shores and many more over the next year with your new training programme for counsellors, your work with the Sanctuary, and keeping so passionate.

We have had a big change of heart now on our way to help people with drinking issues, down to this fiesty Yorkshire woman across the pond and do hope she comes again very soon, wish I could clone her.

Clare R. M.D.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.