Alcohol Free Friend App


It is with great appreciation to my great developer, my old clients for feedback, many hours spend over a year, that they and I collaborated to create the modern approach to dealing with either alcohol dependence or habit for those of all walks of life to use our new App.

It is not remotely comparable to any other. We do not believe in the antiquated approach of the old docrine that we are all doomed as ALCOHOLICS, labelled as having a life sentence of sometimes in our lives drinking more than is good for us, this is about attitude, control and most importantly choice. Also taking our own responsiblity of how we decide to drink or not.

We are well aware when we become concerned about going over the top with alcohol, no one needs to tell us, or wag their finger and judge. When you stop smoking there is huge congratulation, pats on the back and massive support, but with drinking there still seems to be some cock eyed notion that we are all boring and dull without using it.

I could bang on about the harm it does, but have more than enough respect for those of you who are well aware of that, and just need a more simple solution without any stigma or fault laid at your doorstep for doing so.

We have tried to make the App user friendly, a new habit to either cut down or become alcohol free.

At the moment the App will only work with iPhone, we will gradually add on Android, and then after you have completed this very visual method, add ways to fill the void and precious time you now have to gain pride, and self esteem.

I have also started an Alcohol Free Foundation so that a percentage of the cost of the App will go towards helping those face to face with The Sanctuary bespoke method, with me and also others who I will train to deliver a similar method to me that is currently unique and only for women, but now for men not just in the UK but globally.

The App can be found now in the Apple Store, and if only one person becomes well through using it, I shall be over the moon.

All the very best for you, and your liberation from what can become a very isolation and cruel way of life, whatever your age.


Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.