How to Enjoy Alcohol Without Sacrificing Your Health



Alcohol-Image-Design-1-980x537As all my clients know, I have never been pious or evangelical about being completely Alcohol Free. For some of us it suits, we feel completely in control, our lifestyles are improved and we no longer have to make any excuses for behaviour that was alcohol induced. But the basis has been, and always will be what is best for each individual, and with discipline and control, I do have clients who are able to make choices.

To this end, The Sanctuary have been approached by a website which is based in Australia, to add an article from their website on the subject of enjoyment and not the sadness and grief that some of us have to deal with along with our loved ones by drinking too much.

I am open to opinions and views, and the whole site is actually very informative and useful I think to my type of women, so am more than happy to share their link on my site.

As we are all unique, for some of you who have either seen me or been to one of my talks or blogs from wonderful clients, I hope that this openness will help for I will never say never!

Have a great weekend, and soon The Sanctuary will have more very exciting news about a new digital version of our stand alone programme.


Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.