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I feel my last diary should have a background ‘ta-da’!

So, I have accomplished my six weeks, under your care and guidance and feel:

– very proud of myself (I can’t now recall what I was wailing about 6 weeks ago)

– a lot healthier (even though not a pound has fallen from my frame – not the point, but just …)

– confident and capable to go forward. My time with The Sanctuary has given me a framework and though I am sure I shall have wobbles, all the drama has gone out of it.

Also, the biggest revolution is ‘I don’t like the taste of alcohol…!’. If you would have told me this 6 weeks ago, I would have said you were mad.

My brother and sister-in-law insisted we all had a glass of sparkling wine last night to celebrate our homecoming, with our meal. I refused, but then did not want to make people uncomfortable, as they had gone to a massive effort, so I conceded to half a glass. Paint stripper! Cheap sparkling so popular now, was not a favourite, but a glass would have been very palatable before my programme. Very glad that my cognitive thought process has altered, the switch has been flipped.

It was funny to be with the children too to understand this from a different perspective. For example, they had a taste of mum’s cocktail when we were away and screwed their faces in disgust. This is a natural reaction to alcohol. Granted I haven’t tasted red wine, my drink of choice, but honestly now I think it would be similar.

This is a most unexpected and welcome development.

It has been lovely working with you, Sarah. Thank you so much. The biggest intervention was meeting you and being told, with no frills, that the underlying cause of my drinking was that ‘I could’ and that if I continued, things would be so much worse. I have then just really enjoyed our correspondence. Your messages have been like the ‘stabilisers’ on the bike. But mostly they have been warm and funny, which has been lovely. Unlike the anticipation of what this unique method would be like.

I wish you every success with business.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.