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Now at over 18 months without the restraints of being a full-time drinker, ‘just’ wine, I wanted to update Harrogate Sanctuary, Sarah most especially on how life has been liberated from the cage vino it put me in. It was initially and invisible cage, even gilded I thought, but the more I progressed, until now, just celebrated my 45th Birthday, it was rotten and vile. Did I see that? Of course, I did, but it still wasn’t enough to stop me.

I read websites, looked at stories, watched conversations on ‘sober sites’ whilst supping, not sipping my weapon of choice. I had breaks, weeks of them, like being on a destructive merry go round, but hey I was no different from my colleagues, many friends, and family. The only difference perhaps was that I was latterly hiding the second, maybe third bottle a night. I wasn’t, I KNEW about it. I tried other methods, AA just awful experience for me, local services where no one seemed to want to talk about the future, just the dreadful grim past, and that somehow they were diseased and total failures.

So, through gritted and scared teeth I contacted The Sanctuary, and it is very difficult to describe how Sarah works, suffice to say, she is simply the best at this for women of my demographic.

I have thought of having a drink, been to lots of events and parties, but she rewired me, it is the only way I can explain it. There is nothing cultish or even pressurised with her, how she manages the long hours, the instant response, day and night with her clients is remarkable.

I have lost over 20kg, I keep fit, I have no shame, and at the same time I have no judgement. I have no desire to people please, I look after me and mine, and of course will and am more than capable stepping into any crisis, also day and night!

There is a financial cost, but again, unless you have gone through the unique Six Week Programme with Sarah you really have no idea how reasonable her charge is. I have saved over £8000.00, and it is all going towards special rewards, good treats for those I love.

She is priceless, and if you have any doubt, then you should meet her, it is just such a shame there are not more passionate and caring professionals in this area like her.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.