Sarah’s Blog for The Sanctuary



Working with Sarah and with the Harrogate Sanctuary has been a life changing experience.  As soon I had the first phone call with Sarah she put me at ease and did not judge me.  She showed empathy and compassion and quickly helped me realise I wanted to make this journey with her.  I have had no regrets on embarking on the programme.  It is so encouraging knowing Sarah is at the end of the phone or quick to respond to emails.  This experience has changed me as a person as it has not only made me question the way I was using alcohol but also made me question my whole life.  Sarah has so much experience and wisdom and was always ready to offer guidance and support in a non-patronising way.  I finished the programme last week and although I miss the daily support that Sarah provided she has enabled me to continue living a healthy and alcohol free life by myself.  The Harrogate Sanctuary is an empowering experience and I feel lucky that I have had the honour of guidance and support from Sarah.  This should be available on the NHS!

Sarah, 36

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.