Kate’s Blog



I don’t know where to start with my praise of Sarah and this wonderful programme. If I hadn’t been through it myself then I don’t think I could have believed just how brilliantly it worked. I joined with my husband as we both wanted the same thing and Sarah offered us complementary but individual support and we are now both so healthy and happy.

Before I started I was scared of the process and the result. I was scared of everything from failing to succeeding and everything in between. What to tell people, could I ever function “normally ” again, supposing I was boring without my wine glass? Sarah was so skilled at understanding and helping with my fear that it started disappearing from the first day. As well as being so caring and endlessly empathetic she is genuinely an expert in her field and a day did not go by without me learning a new nugget of information that helped me with the process.

I’m sat here just after a meal watching telly with my husband while I write this and in the old days we’d be onto at least our second bottle now but we are very contentedly sipping our soft drinks and enjoying each other’s company. It’s fabulous.

I was so worried that I was going to spend the rest of my life feeling that I was missing out on some treat that everyone else was somehow grown up enough to have but that I couldn’t be trusted with. But that is not my new reality. I am so proud to be living a healthy life not damaging myself. Sarah has somehow re-wired my head so that I’ve realised alcohol is not a friend and I’m not missing anything whatsoever in fact every aspect of my life is so much better than before. There are absolutely no down sides to this new life, nothing I regret or miss.