Ami’s Blog

In first meeting Sarah, what struck me immediately was how smart, sophisticated and elegant she was. Her air of calmness and aura of knowledge was almost tangible.

My initial perception of this remarkable woman was accurate. As we worked through the daily diary and more was shared between us both, I found by the end I was somehow different. I had collated a backpack full of amazing tools that I could now use to go forward in my life knowing I was far more than how I defined myself at the start of the programme. A guzzler of a glass of wine (or three rather) is all I secretly saw myself as, I was unable to see past this biggest flaw in me for years and measured my self worth to exactly that – but not anymore!

Anyone who feels undecided or doubtful about contacting the sanctuary (as I was too a few months ago), don’t be. The programme can and will change your life.

Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.