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When I started working with Sarah, I was both frightened, and absolutely grief stricken that this constant, my ‘definition’ as my partner called it, wine, was going to leave, potentially forever.

It was a true sense of loss. But more than that, at 52, reasonably successful and still thank heavens, in control of my faculties, well, between 6am and 6pm, I just was very sad and fearful that I should have to loose so much of my identity. The correlation between health and well being by not drinking just didn’t equate on day 1. I was also quite angry that why me!!

I’d joined in the Facebook banter on wine time many times, this is a typical image.


Ugh! That was the norm, the pseudo, and defensive funny quite acceptable place that I lived, and the culture that I lived in. To question this position was insane, not the other way around. Now, I was going to have to.

The best part of the programme was one, it fitted in with my lifestyle, and two, I knew that Sarah understood the above type of attitude, and had a very non pious approach towards it. If people want to drink vino, lots of it, then fine, it was not my problem, I had to concentrate on how I wanted to be, not everyone else for once. So for 42 days I did. The first few days were slightly awkward, and sad, but just seemed to get the therapy  that Sarah gave me, that we really didn’t look or feel in control with this sloshing around our system, and it would only get worse, not better. The more I confirmed that, the more obvious the route of becoming healthy appealed. Being completely concious for all of the waking day just was fulfilling and I could please myself for once, not others, and certainly not the booze.

Now, having been away from this for over four months, I feel ready to say that for the first time in my grown up life, I am a non drinker. I love my life, my time and feeling on top of my game. Perhaps not at all strangely everyone else seems to like my company better too, and have much more of a social life than I ever had.

Anyone who feels as scared as I was, please just try, you might be more than surprised what the outcome is. The Sanctuary service is impeccable.






Author: Sarah Turner

Founder of the Harrogate Sanctuary.