How The Sanctuary Six Week Program Stopped My 25 year old Habit

brainAs complex as my problems were, Sarah managed to hit on key issues, with such precision that she immediately made me see that I was neither a failure nor powerless, and I thought these points were absolutely vital and so well made over the 42 days that I worked with her, along with the unrelenting support, I now feel confident enough to share.

The insanity of 2hrs of self-abuse, the utterly pointless pre and post hours, the poisoning effects…

Understanding learned behaviour, image manipulation of booze, the illusion.

Making sense of the way you think in a scientific creative way, which can lead to overthinking, over complicating, too clever for your own good. Getting the KISS approach to life once you have stopped being annoyed and irritated by its simplicity.

The impulse button is disabled with firmly imbedded truths of consequences focusing on the despair that certainly would follow. “That look” anyone’s face….makes you shudder, and remember you are doing the right thing for YOU.

You can’t predict the future and don’t need to.
Being grown up does not mean old, there is a long middle first.

Spend more time writing than thinking.

You may have deleted a few memory banks but the motherboard is undergoing a massive self-repair. The brain scans were such a relief and repainted exciting possibilities. I can feel the trickle of new neural pathways. I know the old ones aren’t going away but withering. That’s ok.

I was in the grip of a life threatening chronically progressive habit that I had become allergic to, recognising that I was no longer young enough to tolerate it. I was older not old, it was age related. It was something I was concerned about but having dealt with it, it wasn’t as bad as those 3 months of dry rot.

Thanks Sarah, it’s been life changing